• At first, I just wanted to say, “WTF, Patriots?”

    But now I think my suspicions are confirmed.

    When I first heard the news of the Randy Moss trade, I was puzzled. PUZZLED. Randy Moss? And you traded him to the Vikings?

    Hang on, let me correct something. Rather than being puzzled first, I was pissed. An easy thing to do, since I hate the Patriots and Bill Belichick. This time, though, I was pissed at them for giving Brett Favre an awesome receiver in Randy Moss. Man, would I like to see that asshat go down in flames.

    You stayed too long at the party, Favre.

    Then…I remembered that Randy Moss used to wear that Raiders jersey. And, as such, was a complete thug pain in the ass diva. My suspicion was that there must have been some off the field shenanigans, and according to this article, it sounds like I was right.

    I’m going to skip over the ridiculous need to bring the “crazy girl” analogy into this discussion, because seriously…how pathetic. (I’m a feminist, give me a break…that was completely unnecessary.)

    At the end of the day, Randy Moss was Randy Moss, which is all anyone could have expected anyway. If his need to win and be the super star isn’t fulfilled, he’s going to be bucking against the confines of his uniform. Beware, Vikings…now you have TWO of them.

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  1. Laura says:

    Randy Moss is definitely on the wrong side of the Vicky Mendoza Diagonal… and I kinda can’t wait to see what Branch can do now that he’s back on the team.