• What I think of Wade Phillips…and Jerry Jones.

    As usual, in Dallas, cries of “OFF WITH HIS HEAD” can be heard from the rafters. Everyone wants Wade Phillips to join the unemployment line, because the Cowboys are now 1-4. Standard procedure after every game the Cowboys have lost for the last three years.

    Blah blah blah.

    While I’ll admit, starting out 1-4 is…bad, to say the least, it’s not the end of the world. Last season, the Titans started 0-6. Yeah, that’s right 0-6 (we finished 8-8, which is damn respectable considering). And I wasn’t calling for them to fire Jeff Fisher. I did see a few stray comments here and there about it, but not many. Granted, I no longer live in Tennessee, so I can’t say for sure, but we have faith in our coach and we have faith in our team.

    Not so in Dallas, Texas. Every mistake means someone should get fired, and no one even really considers that the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is always operating with a HUGE handicap. That handicap’s name is Jerry Jones.

    Maybe we should be calling for his head? He’s the one who brings in players with shitty attitudes. Not the head coach. No one was more shocked than this girl that Randy Moss didn’t end up at Jerry World. Randy Moss is the shining star of Jerry Jones’s “type.” Talented with a bad attitude and diva tendencies. A player who doesn’t care about his team. Sound familiar? T.O. anyone? I even wonder about Roy Williams.

    And yet, here we are in Dallas, with a pretty mellow head coach and a pretty mellow quarterback. Both of whom are just trying to do their jobs with the hand they were dealt. Romo gets the shit beat out of him, no matter what he does. Wade gets the shit beat out of him and worse no matter what he does.

    Realistically, Wade Phillips just isn’t a great fit for Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, for several reasons. He doesn’t seem to be able to instill any discipline in the team. I can’t tell if they even have any respect for him. And how could they? With their fans constantly bashing him and saying he’s stupid and can’t get the job done…I wouldn’t respect him either.

    He’s not the kind of man who can stand up to Jerry Jones. Which is just what Jerry wants, of course. His ego knows no limits. But what the TEAM needs is someone who can be the voice of reason that cuts through Jerry’s bullshit. You know, or a general manager. Whatever.

    He’s too laid back. I think he’s a man who loves football, but he’s also a man who realizes that football? It’s not everything. It’s not life and every once in a while, you’re going to lose. Or you’re going to suck. And that’s okay. Cowboys fans? Not cool with that. Every game must end in a win, because they are always the team to beat. No matter the record, no matter the team, no matter…well, anything, really. They are the Cowboys. They must win.

    For a team who has only won one playoff game in, what is it now? Fourteen years? There’s an awful lot of talk. There’s an awful lot of “oh, they just want to beat the Cowboys, that would make them.” Uh, hate to tell you this guys, but everyone is beating you right now.

    Even better? “The Cowboys lost to an inferior team” in the Tennessee Titans (and the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears…you can see a pattern here, right?). Well, guys, if we’re going purely on records, the Tennessee Titans are a better team. I didn’t get to see the whole game, but I did see that the Cowboys certainly went out of their way to help the Titans win. And I can easily admit that this is not a great season for the Titans so far. But calling someone who beat you an inferior team is just being shitty loser.

    So while yes, I do think it’s probably time to bring someone other than Wade Phillips in, I don’t think it’s because he’s incapable or a bad head coach. I just think this is a poor fit. (Secretly, I feel the same way about Tony Romo.) I wonder though, does anyone still WANT to coach for the Dallas Cowboys? Does anyone really WANT to juggle all the ego and the bullshit and the fans? Why would you want to come coach here instead of somewhere else? Cold, hard cash. That’s right, Jerry, pony up the cash. And offer it to John Gruden, would you? I like that guy and if he can deal with Al Davis, he can deal with you.

    It’s sad to me that Cowboys fans are so quick to turn on their players and their coaching staff. If you don’t have any faith in your team, how can they really want to play for you?

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