• Celebrations.

    I’m so not going to be popular for this. Trust me, I already know. But it’s my opinion and it’s my blog, so deal with it.

    I’m not at all bothered by the rules against celebration in the NFL. I don’t think they’re out of line or too strict. More than that? They’re the rules and everyone knows them. Even if you think they’re stupid (I’m looking at you, Jerry Jones), they’re still the rules.

    I think speed limits are stupid, but I still get in trouble when I drive too fast.

    Here’s why I think celebration rules are a-okay:

    • The game already takes long enough. I don’t need to sit through your ego stroking bullshit.
    • They’re only there because the players themselves couldn’t be counted on to control themselves and things got out of hand. Ickey Shuffle anyone?
    • They incite ego and hard feelings (and possibly violence) in an already emotionally charged, physical game. Need I remind you of TO and the Dallas Cowboys’ star?
    • In every other sport, players seem to make it through without celebrating every little thing on the field/court/pool/whatever. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if the pitcher felt the need to do a choreographed dance every time he struck someone out in a baseball game.
    • It’s a team sport. You may be the one who scored the touchdown, but you didn’t do it all by yourself. Don’t be an asshole.

    Okay, that’s probably enough for now.

    The rules just aren’t that strict. You still have plenty of ways to act like a cocky assclown.

    The rules are not that complicated. I understand them, and I don’t play football. Surely if you can understand the rest of the rules, you can understand this one (Donovan McNabb’s misunderstanding of OT, notwithstanding). The league shouldn’t have to cater to you because you’re an idiot. Or because you’re too lazy to read the rules.

    Pathetically, the punishment had to be changed, because getting fined thousands of dollars wasn’t enough of a deterrent for certain players (certainly an indication that we pay these men too much money). I’m looking at you, OchoCinco. Now, because players still can’t be counted on to act in a decent fashion, the entire team has to be punished for their antics. The 15-yard penalty your team receives has been quite effective in curtailing celebrations.

    Unless, of course, you’re the Dallas Cowboys.

    Do I agree that it SUCKS that Columbo was punished for falling down during a celebration in the endzone (in the game against the Tennessee Titans in week 5)? Yes. But those are the rules and they must be enforced. Allowing that to slide just means that next week someone else will “accidentally” take a nap in the endzone or “accidentally” end up with silly string in his pants. Those are the rules, follow them. If you can’t stay on your feet (which, by the way, is part of your JOB), maybe you should cut out the chest bump.

    Do I think that Jerry Jones is right when he says that the rules should be changed because the 15-yard penalties against his team affected the outcome of the game? Fuck no.

    • One, celebration penalties are completely avoidable. They weren’t accidentally celebrating. They purposefully engaged in an activity that had the potential to cause their team a penalty. That’s really no different from grabbing someone’s facemask, only that actually could happen on accident.
    • Two, everyone knows the rules before the game starts. The team wasn’t penalized for breaking an unknown rule.
    • Three, if your team were any good, 15-yards probably shouldn’t make that much of a difference

    I know it’s a game in which every yard counts, but maybe when your team sucks as much as the Cowboys do right now, they should spend a little less time celebrating and a little more time playing football. The most pathetic part of all this? The Cowboys have more celebration penalties than WINS. What are you guys celebrating, exactly?

    If Chad OchoCinco and TO can control themselves? We should surely be able to count on Miles Austin to do the same (in their loss against the Vikings in week 6). Right?


  1. P-Rick says:

    Ah, the rules of football. Let me start by saying that I think football is WAY too regulated as it is. It is the only sport I can think of where you can get a penalty when the ball isnt even in play (like the ecessive end-zone celebration). I agree that those dudes take it over the top with their choreographed moves, but is that something that they really need to throw a flag over? I dont think so. Just have the comissioner issue them a fine & move on. Like you said, no sense punishing the special teams squad for some dumbass dance moves made by a wide reciever. I agree that the player should be expected to follow all the rules of the game. But in a sport where the rules are already more convoluted than a physics exam (seriously, just take a look at all the ways pass interference can be called. or not called. Ridiculous. And that’s just one of the penalties), I think dropping a few of the leashes wouldnt be such a bad thing. These people are entertainer after all, so go ahead & let them make fools of themselves on national TV. Oh, wait. That would probably mean an entire team trying to pull off one giant Flying Ass Bump. Forget everything I said….

    • shine says:

      Money doesn’t mean shit to these guys and you know it. Fining then doesn’t do a damn thing. Punishing the other teammates does. It takes a special type of asshole to know something is going to punish his team and then to do it anyway.

      And that’s why I don’t disagree with the penalty. Other penalties are other penalties, this one is not that complicated. Plus, it’s all just ego. It’s not part of the game, they’re just doing it to stroke their own egos. The rest of the shit is game play. Play the game until the game is done. THEN act like an assclown if you want.