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  • Please don’t kill baseball.


    With bad calls left and right early in the 2010 post season baseball games, the call is louder than ever for the sport to take on more instant replay.

    To this I say, “Please don’t kill baseball.”

    I suppose I could be persuaded that instant replay would be acceptable in some scenarios (there aren’t many, and even the ones I think are acceptable, I don’t think are necessary). I just think that if we let it in any more, it will take over the game. These are my reasons why:

    • Baseball has been around, in its current form, for over a century. We seem to be doing okay, right?
    • The game already takes over three hours (usually), do we really need to make it LONGER? And this is coming from someone who loves baseball. Sometimes you just have things to do.
    • Unlike football, every single meeting of teams is a SERIES. You have three or more chances to get it right and it’s hard to blame more than one loss on bad calls for just one team.
    • As above, there are ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO games already. I feel like any poor calls against one team will likely be sorted out in subsequent games.
    • Umpires are hired to do a job. Let’s trust them to do it. They’re going to make mistakes; they are human after all. That’s all part of the game. In my opinion, the great human element in baseball is what gives it its charm. It’s what keeps us coming back, even through the scandals.

    I’m sure I have more reasons, but those are the ones on my mind right now.

    If I had my way? There probably wouldn’t be instant replay at all. Yes, I know, we have technology now that we didn’t have back in the day and we should use it to make sure the games are as close to perfect as possible. Guess what: Instant replay doesn’t take care of all bad calls. Just ask the 2008 San Diego Chargers who lost a game on a bad call by Ed Hochuli, which even instant replay couldn’t overturn (because he called the play dead too early). These things happen. We’re talking about sports.

    Instant replay isn’t going to fix everything. So I’ll thank you to keep it out of my baseball games.